United Arab Emirates

Does the embassy legalize documents: Yes.

Ministry of foreign affairs needed: Yes.

Costs: Please contact us.

Processing time: 1 working day /same day.

Extra information: For legalisations regarding export, it is required to have a full set of documents consisting of a COO, an invoice and an eventual Health Certificate.
Ensure that an invoice number is noted on the COO.
The embassy does not require copies.

Step by step plan for legalisations U.A.E.:

– What kind of documents do you have? If you have documents for personal use, then you are in the right place. Do you have business related documents? Then please use the ‘business’ page.

Ministry of foreign affairs
– Are your documents stamped by the ministry of foreign affairs? If yes, then proceed to the next step. If no, please consider if you want us to do this, or if you want to do this yourself. See next step to help you make your decision.

– The ministry of foreign affairs charges 10,- euro per document. U.A.E. charges between 35,- and 40,- euro per document (depending on the AED exchange rate). We charge per set of documents, please contact us for the exact prize. If you choose to let us do both legalisations, you will pay our fees twice.

Processing time
– If your documents are with us before 12, we can probably arrange that the documents be ready on the same day. We do not take any responsibility for embassy related delays.

– You will receive an official invoice provided with all the details. Before we can give or send you your documents back, the invoice has to be paid with either cash or a bank transaction. Please provide a proof of payment (screenshot).

Extra information

Have you been offered a new job in the U.A.E.? There is a lot involved, both in the private domain and in collecting the right documents. We can help you with this. Through our years of experience we have already helped more than five hundred Dutch people with their first steps towards moving to the U.A.E.

Because of our short lines of communication and connections with the U.A.E. Embassy in The Hague, no request is too crazy for us. Feel free to give us a call.

We have the following information ready for you:

– For a job or work visa in the UAE, you need a legalised English diploma

Do you have a Dutch diploma? No worries! We have sworn translators on standby.

– If you are taking children with you to the UAE, the authorities there will need legalised birth certificates.

Please note that this certificate also has to be in English, fortunately the municipalities in the Netherlands have the possibility to issue the certificates in multiple languages (international).

– Do you want to bring a partner with you without him/her having to get his/her own work visa? Then you will need a legalised marriage certificate.

There may be no plans for the partner to work there yet, but go crazy! Seize the opportunity and do legalise a diploma at the same time as your partner. This will save costs – we charge our service fees per set of documents, not per document. Should something nice come your way in the future, then you are legally ready for it.

We have already mapped out all the steps for you, so contact us for a personal plan. Of course without any obligation, because we are quite flexible!