Before LIASS International took care of the processing of export documents at various foreign authorities in the Netherlands, many export companies did this themselves. Despite the relatively short distances within our beautiful country, the various embassies and consulates were crowded with people.

As a result, waiting times increased and the transit time of the goods was jeopardised. In short, it was quite an undertaking to get all this done. Nowadays, we at LIASS can receive most documents digitally, first of all because of the recent obligation of the Chamber of Commerce as a result of which signature legalisations can only be issued digitally.

On the other hand, Dutch institutions such as the NVWA and the Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb) are also trying to digitise their documentation processes. All in all, these are changes that we welcome at LIASS. Among other things for the sustainability of this business.

In the meantime the work goes on, digital or not; we legalise your document with the aim of getting this same document legally valid in the desired country. For specific information we refer you to the pages above.